domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Optical ilusions

In this kind of pictures you can see two different pictures in one.We are going to describe what we see in one and in the other.

-In this picture I can see an old man with white,long hair and white beard and moustache.

-I can see a man on a white horse crossing a river and a woman lying on the ground.

    -In this picture I can see an old man with a beard and     with his right hand on his breast.

     - I can see a man with a hat and a woman wearing a long dress.I can also see a dog lying on the ground.

 -In this picture I can see a skull.

 -I can see seven women.

   -In this picture I can see the face of a man.

   -I can see a mountain with houses and a woman sitting on the ground and a little boy standing next to her.

By Nerea,Aitor and Jon

lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Personal profiles

Selena Gómez is a famous singer and actress. She is from Texas in the USA. Her mother is Italian and her father is Mexican. She is in the programme ``Los Magos de Waverly place´´.
In her free time , I think she likes going out with friends. She loves fashionable clouths. She usually wears dresses.

                By Nerea

Aaron Jackson  is a  basketball  player and he  plays in Bilbao Basket.
He is from Hartford in the USA.He always  plays very well.
In his free time,I think he likes going to the cinema.
He usually wears confortable clothes.

                                                                        By Jon

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player and he plays in the Angeles Lakers and in the selection of USA.He was born in  Philadelphia  in 1978. He usually wears sport clothes.In his free time, I suppose, he is with
his family and with his friends.

                 By Aitor

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