lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Personal profiles

Selena Gómez is a famous singer and actress. She is from Texas in the USA. Her mother is Italian and her father is Mexican. She is in the programme ``Los Magos de Waverly place´´.
In her free time , I think she likes going out with friends. She loves fashionable clouths. She usually wears dresses.

                By Nerea

Aaron Jackson  is a  basketball  player and he  plays in Bilbao Basket.
He is from Hartford in the USA.He always  plays very well.
In his free time,I think he likes going to the cinema.
He usually wears confortable clothes.

                                                                        By Jon

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player and he plays in the Angeles Lakers and in the selection of USA.He was born in  Philadelphia  in 1978. He usually wears sport clothes.In his free time, I suppose, he is with
his family and with his friends.

                 By Aitor

Las imágenes son propiedad de sus autores. Si alguno de ellos cree que sen vulnerados sus derechos de autor, me lo puede indicar en un comentario en la propia entrada y será retirada inmediatamente.

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  1. Well done, students! You all have got a great teacher, that's why you work so hard! Congratulations!!

  2. Contratulations for the initiative :) I never had a so powerfull tool to learn English. You, students, enjoy and support it.

  3. wonderful job!!!I didn´t know all these things about those famous people!!Great teacher,though.

  4. Wow! This must be part of a very interesting project. Could you give us more details about it, please?